Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bif Naked

"2:30 PM I jumped off the welfare wagon
To meet you for lunch
You sit like a Thai princess
Cold and captivating, you divulge your latest secret
So sinister, I can not repeat
I died, eating french fries
In the restaurant on the corner
Where you broke my heart..."

That is NOT the most flattering picture of Bif, but she looks fierce in it.  I first saw Bif Naked on MTV, singing "Moment of Weakness" and was instantly enamored.  She was fiesty, she was beautiful, she had that certain...something.  This chick had it, and I wanted it.  I went and bought her CD immediately and loved it.  Sure, it was a little juvenile -- I can't remember now how old she was when she recorded "I Bificus", but we must remember, I was in high school at the time so I could relate to some of the things she was singing about.  For example, one track was about losing her virginity in the backseat of a car ("My First").  I laughed at the part where she sang, "There, it was there, baby you peed my name in the snow!"  Most of all, though, I liked that this chick was bad ass.  She gave off a vibe that she wouldn't take any shit from anyone, she didn't care what you thought of her, she was different and that was okay.  She was secure in her eccentricities.  She was openly bisexual and I think her attitude was part of what helped me be comfortable with who I was, at least in part.

I looooooooove tattoos.  ;)  I need more!  I have five.  Three of them are fairies because I love fairies, and one is a triple moon because I am pagan.  The triple moon depicts the three phases of the moon (waxing, full, waning) and the three stages of the goddess (maiden, mother, crone).  I like it because it holds significance to me and others who are familiar with goddess spirituality, yet isn't as obvious as a pentacle or something of that nature.  That is not to say that I would be afraid or ashamed to wear a pentacle, because I absolutely wouldn't be -- but I grow weary of educating the misinformed and ignorant all day long.  I wore one around my neck and you would be surprised how many times I had to explain that I am NOT a Satanist, I don't sacrifice animals, I don't even BELIEVE in the devil, or a million other ridiculous things.  I can only imagine that it will be just as bad -- or worse -- when people find out that I'm gay, because I don't plan on hiding THAT fact either. 

So, if I were asked what my "type" is, the above is a great example.  I'm sure there is a proper term, but I'll call her the Bad-Ass Femme.  See Bif Naked.  See Lea from Bad Girls Club Miami (Season 5).  See Papi from The L Word. 

You really can't blame Brandi for becoming obsessed with her, can you?  I mean, DAMN!  Mmmmmmm.  Then, of course, we have Papi, recently introduced (to me) on The L Word.  I have this thing for Latina chicks, too.  Shane doesn't really do much for me, but when Papi came along, I was like....yeah.  ;) 

Anyway, speaking of The L Word, what the HELL is going on with Jenny?  I used to like her, but it seems like with each episode, she becomes progressively more annoying.  There's just this thing about her, I don't know what it is.  Almost an air of superiority -- was that intentional?  Are people supposed to hate her character?  Because I do.  Not hate, deeply dislike.  Anyway, who cares?  It's a show, for crying out loud.  Sheesh.  I guess it hits a little close to home because I identified with her at first.  I don't think, in order to be a writer, that one must act like a total condescending bitch though.  Just my thoughts.  Perhaps her behavior echoes the "newly reformed" attitude in so many walks of life. 

No one is more judgemental, generally speaking, than the newly reformed.  For example, who is the quickest to tout the evils of smoking?  Someone who just quit.  Who is usually the first to bible thump and try to save your soul?  A "born again" Christian.  Many times, those who have recently undergone a radical change in their lives and have "seen the light" feel this overwhelming (and highly annoying) need to enlighten everyone else they encounter.  What they don't realize are two key things.  The first is that your truth is not the universal truth and is not the same truth which everyone will choose to embrace.  It may have helped you, but it might not be right or appropriate for someone else at this time.  They will find their own truth in their own time in their own way.  You found yours when you were ready, you need to allow them to do the same.  The second goes along with that, and it is that no one can change until he or she is ready.  No amount of telling someone to quit smoking, showing her pictures of lung tumors, soaking her cigarettes in perfume (*ahem* DAD) or preaching to her about how many minutes of her life she is sacrificing is going to FORCE her to quit.  She has to want to, and only then can SHE make the decision for HERSELF.

Oh, wow, what a shock -- I went off on a tangent again.  Well, that is all for now!

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